What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession where creative and technical solutions are combined to achieve superiorly built interior environments.

Our design process is a systematic and coordinated methodology, one which integrates research, analysis and our designers knowledge into a creative process, in order to meet the needs, goals and resources of each client.

Our design process includes a scope of services performed by our professional designers, whose education, experience and examination skills, not only provide value and beauty to the client, but also protect and enhance the health, life, safety and welfare of our clients.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Designing the interior of a building is a complicated task. A good interior designer is knowledgeable about all aspects of the design and interior construction process. Design respond to, and coordinate with the building shell, and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project. By applying creative and technical solutions that are functional, attractive and beneficial to our clients quality of life and culture, we make the process of design smooth and more enjoyable.

Our designers transform your desires into designs that reflect both your needs and goals, and simultaneously meet state code and regulatory requirements, while encouraging the principles of environmental sustainability.

Our team serves as advocates for you during the design and construction process.

What does an Interior Designer’s expertise encompass?

Working with a professional interior designer will save you time, money and frustration!

If you thought interior design was simply about picking colors and fabrics, you may be surprised to learn that these finishing touches represent only a small fraction of a professional interior designer’s services and expertise.

Interior design is a step-by-step process, which typically begins with getting to know the client and their individual needs and goals. Collins Group Designers are NCIDQ certified, which gives our clients the peace of mind that they have hired design professionals who are truly advocates for them. Our designers extensive training and knowledge of design principles ensure successful integration of information from our initial interviews, to preliminary design concepts that are functional, budget driven and aesthetically attractive.

While each project is different and the scope of services provided varies, on most projects, you can expect the following from our design professionals:


Working drawings and specifications for interior construction, space planning, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures and necessary equipment are then specified and drawn up by our firm, based on each clients final design concept.

Project Management:

In addition to laying out the design plan, our design team prepares contract documents and administers bids as our client’s agent, while acting as a project manager – collaborating with the project teams and practitioners who offer professional services in the technical areas all the way to completion to ensure their design complies with government registration requirements under provincial building codes. Finally, our design team reviews during implementation as well as after the construction phase, coordinating the completion of the project to the exacting standards of our clients.

In addition to these standard services, on some projects our designers may:

Prepare all documents, details for purchasing products and work with specialty vendors for custom furnishings.
Coordinate crating, delivery, receiving, inspection and installation of special order products and furnishings.
Help with disputed or damage goods and act as the client’s advocate.

Do I need to hire any other design professionals or consultants?

Over the past twenty plus years Collins Group Design has developed and established relationships with an extensive group of trusted professional and trade associates who are knowledgeable and work at the highest standards.
Some projects require assembling a team of consultants including an architect, landscape architect and licensed structural engineer. We may also recommend hiring various sub-contractors such as mechanical, electrical or plumbing professionals depending on your project requirements. We can assist you in choosing compatible individuals for a professional design team. These consultants typically are hired by you and will bill you directly.

We encourage having necessary consultants involved early in the design process and have found that collaborative efforts can be extremely enjoyable and produce outstanding results.

What do interior design furnishings cost?

If you are furnishing an entire home it will depend on several factors. For example, how many existing furnishings are being utilized? What is the size of the home? What is the quality level of the products? What is your timeline?

Typically, furnishing an entire home, with all the details, can cost between 35%-75% of the homes value.

The overall design goals and budget are very important to establish early on with our design team. This will enable our designers to work effectively and within budget. Open and honest communication regarding your budget and goals is essential to a successful project.

If you are unsure what these things cost, we can help you establish realistic goals for your project.

Collins Group Design can create a master plan, which can be implemented over time and at your discretion. We consult with you on the best practices to accomplish your project goals on time and within budget.